How to Know if Those Pesky Bats in Your Stockton Attic Gave Birth to More

With regards to the control of Stockton bat infestation, timing is the key to success. The only humane method that you can use is to seal the entry holes once they come out of your house to hunt their food. Unfortunately, most of the bats that are invading your property will be hibernating and driving them out would be a challenge. Your situation will become more complex in the summer when there are baby bats in your attic.

Ways to Determine If There are Baby Bats in Your Attic

The California female bats will give birth to its young one during the month of June. It will take a couple of weeks before the baby bats will leave the roosting place. For at least a month, the baby bat will be completely dependent to the mother bat. If you choose to remove the female bats during this season, the infants will die that may lead to another problem. This is why it is so important to determine if the bats in your attic has a nest of babies.


The maternity season of the bats will vary depending on the climate. Bats that are located at the warmer areas of the US will have maternity season in advance. On the other hand, the bats at the cooler states will have a maternity season at the later period. The start of the nesting season will vary from the month of April up to June. It will then end at the month of August. By this time, the baby should be able to fly and hunt their own food. This means that the baby bats will no longer be left inside your house since they will be hunting together with the mother bat. This is the perfect time to perform eviction.

Visual Sighting

It is not unusual to encounter California baby bats in your Stockton attic during the nesting season. Bats that you will see on the rest of the year will normally be adult bats. If you saw a bat that has no fur (or grey fur) or their eyes are still closed, you don't want to hurt them. You need to keep them safe and contained. You may want to call the help of the local bat rehabilitator in your area to address your problem.

Why Should You Not Perform Removal When There Are Baby Bats?

Apart from the fact that this is illegal under the law, separating the mother bats from her babies is simply inhumane. Since they do not have the ability to leave your house and they are dependent to the mother bat, orphaned baby bats will die. This will also make the mother bats act relentless. She may look for a gap that you haven't noticed in order to return and retrieve her babies.

This means that exclusion during the California maternity season is not a wise thing to do. This is why you need to know if the Stockton maternity colony has chosen your house as their nesting ground. Once the bats are already nursing her pups, you should allow the bats to stay inside until such time that the bats can fly on their own. 

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