What is California Raccoon Eviction Fluid and Does It Work???

The Stockton raccoon has consistently been in conflict with humans. Regardless, their rate of survival is still higher when they are in the urban setting. This is perhaps due to the fact that they have an immediate access to foods. The reproduction is also faster in urban areas. At least half of the female raccoon's population is living in the structures that are occupied by humans. Most people will use direct removal and trapping in order to solve their issue. However, for those who are looking for a more convenient approach, the eviction fluid may be an excellent solution.

Will Eviction Fluid Works Effectively Against Raccoon?

Eviction fluid is a natural and hassle-free method to deal with your California raccoon infestation. In case the mother raccoon and her babies will encounter a male raccoon during the nesting season, the male raccoon will kill these babies and will try to impregnate the female raccoon. This is the idea behind the raccoon eviction fluid. This contains the natural fluids that come with male raccoons that can scare the female raccoons and will encourage them to leave your property.

The Content of the Eviction Fluid

The chemical compound of the California raccoon eviction fluid contains the urine and pheromones of the male raccoon. Most of the time, this will be extracted from the endocrine system of the dominant male of the raccoon colony. This has a direct effect on the female raccoons and the babies. They will deter the activity of the mother raccoon and will prevent them from entering our property. This can be sprayed on the areas where the raccoon can possibly invade such as our basement, attic, wall, and chimney. 

Is This Effective?

Although it will be difficult to say that the eviction fluid will be 100% effective against the raccoon infestation, it has showed amazing result to those who will use it. Compared to other spray repellent, the efficacy of this product is a lot higher. Perhaps the convincing feature of this product is its capacity to humanely get rid of the mother raccoon especially during the nesting season. Remember that the mother raccoon is extremely protective of its young ones, if your physically remove them, the raccoon may attack that will result to injury. This will also minimize the possibility that the baby raccoon will be separated from the mother. This means that the babies will not die from dehydration and starvation.

In some cases, the only option is to use mild hazing to encourage the Stockton creature to leave your place into their own accord. Avoid wasting your money and time on solution that will not deliver a favorable result. An ounce of this product will work effectively against the raccoons in as little as 48 hours. Some animal removal agencies are also using this product which attests to its efficacy. Be sure to ask your wildlife removal agency if they will use this product to ensure that the removal procedure will be successful. They can also recommend the right eviction fluid that will work bests depending on your situation.

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