Do Ultrasonic Bird Devices Work to Prevent All California Birds?

There have been various products sold in the market that aim to repel the wildlife infestation. One of them would be the machine deterrent known as ultrasonic device. These devices will emit a high pitch sound wave that will disrupt the senses of the pigeons. The sound that it will emit is beyond the hearing capacity of the human but it is within the hearing ability of the birds. However, study shows that it may not work against your pigeon infestation.

Why Ultrasonic Devices are Ineffective against Pigeon

The use of sound to deter the Stockton wildlife infestation is being used since the ancient times. There are records depicting that the early humans are producing sound to drive away the wildlife creatures. Nonetheless, high-pitch noise released by these deterrent machines is something new. According to the manufacturer, the sound that it will produce will be able to cause discomfort in the part of the pigeons and will encourage them to leave our property.

High-Pitch Sound Do Not Reverberate

This is one of the reasons why ultrasonic devices will not work against any type of infestation. Compared to low-pitch noise, the high-pitch sound does not have a tendency to reverberate. This means that it will not have the capacity to penetrate solid wall and the sound that it releases will be reduced. Since our house is composed of many walls, using this may not deliver the result that you are hoping for. In addition, placing a single unit in every room just to achieve the effect would be impractical.

Does Not Affect Pigeon

Until today, there are no studies that will prove that these deterrent machines will work against your pigeon infestation. Studies showed that the ultrasonic device will not produce a substantial effect against wildlife. In some cases, it shows a small effect on insect such as spiders and roaches. However, after a few minutes, the insects are no longer showing any response towards the device.

Difficult to Use

Some Stockton people will think that you will only have to plug it to your electrical outlet for it to work. However, in order for this to work, you will have to replicate the environmental condition on the lab and this will be close to impossible. In addition, the sound that will be effective against wildlife infestations such as pigeons is a technology that we have yet to harness.  

Aside from the matters we mentioned above, you should also pay attention on the claim of the California manufacturers. Most of their claims have become so absurd that it prompted the agency to release warning against them. In fact, the agency has filed cases against those who refused to abide on the regulations set by them. When choosing a method that will work against pigeon, be sure to look for a method that will deliver a long-term solution. You should not waste your money on products that have no proven result. You should also consult your local wildlife removal agency to determine the best solution for your issue.

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